first a disclaimer.

– since 2016 stuart moore, jewellery designer and curator for,   is no longer associated in any way with Stuart Moore (USA) Ltd. –

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On May 18, 2016, Stuart’s son led a petition against the three galleries operated by Stuart Moore (USA) Ltd (the Stuart Moore galleries) to put them into Involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy, instantly closing them down.
The good news is that Stuart, with the encouragement of faithful clients and designers who he has worked with for decades, has turned this chaos into opportunity. Stuart has stepped beyond ”the person“ to join what he and other designers aim to build into a family, an international, niche company. That opportunity is named ”moore design“. Welcome to ”the logical step to bring the finest in modern designer jewelery to consumer 2.0”

stuart's story

After twelve years building a  three-store company in Vancouver, Canada, Stuart Moore sold his interest to his partner and in 1977 opened Wyndham Leigh (his two middle names) In Newport Beach’s Fashion Island, featuring his own work and that of five Vancouver-based designers. It was an immediate hit.


Ten years later Stuart followed with his first full gallery of designer jewellery in Soho, at that time New York’s funky arts district. This functioned exactly like an art gallery where his work was featured alongside 25-30 other, mostly European, designers, a disruptive business model for that era.


And, in 1997, the San Francisco gallery, a natural for Stuart’s design niche.

coming spring 2020

These bricks & mortar locations featured designers whose work remains the very best in modern-design, top-quality jewellery. Of course, while the galleries were beautiful, it was the unique collection of work of this group of designers which was the essential ingredient in the decades-long success of the company.

 moore design brings that proven format to today’s market.........................


...........we are delighted to invite you to moore design, our new business model. The logical concept for you - consumer 2.0.