Moore Design
The logical concept for consumer 2.0

Moore Design is the latest chapter in the life of Stuart Moore, designer and curator of modern, architectural designer jewellery and a trusted broker of gemstones.

Stuart knows it is his contacts made and experience gained that will allow Moore Design to offer you a unique package tailored to the realities of today’s informed consumer. Moore Design retains the essential ingredient (designers’ work) of Stuart’s decades of experience while converting that model to a far more viable, 21st century version of exactly the same business

We hope you’ll find us respectful, provocatively informative and, although professional, a bit more fun than is often the case.

The closure of the Stuart Moore galleries was chaotic but, as often recorded by others, that very chaos created an opportunity. Stuart has replaced the now-obsolete bricks & mortar model and its attendant operational costs with a new model altogether, one that retains the quality, design and personal service of his previous career but presented to you in a modern context.

We hope you’ll find this site to be unusually informative and interesting which, when combined with personal meetings by appointment in beautiful offices in (so far) New York, San Francisco and Newport Beach, will delight you.

How does Moore Design work with you….

The human touch….
While we can all buy a DVD online with no need for human involvement, at this level most clients prefer personal contact when making a purchase.
Our website ( provides this service through personal communication with Stuart, starting with e-mails and phone calls followed by an appointment in our offices, or if you prefer, your office or home.
These appointments bring a truly new element of designing and creating one-of-a-kind ‘couture’ pieces, built with each client’s individual input. See the ‘Couture’ link in the Stuart’s section of this website for constantly updated views of new couture pieces.

Viewing the selection.
Stuart’s section of our site features the first of several fabulous new technologies Moore Design has embraced; moveable CADs instead of photographs. We will happily customise any of these images to show clients exactly what any variation on the theme will look like. This is also a very useful feature if you have an old stone you’d like remounted.

Making your piece…
In creating Stuart’s pieces we use two methods, both maintaining his decades of reputation for quality, utilising platinum or gold with twice the hardness of cast pieces (used to build 95% of jewellery in the market). Stuart either cuts the piece from cold-rolled sheet metal or, using the very latest technology, 3D-prints the piece directly from platinum or gold powder. Amazing!

We launch this website with seven designers and intend to add about twenty more over the year, resulting in offering the work of about twenty-five, top designers from all over the world that Stuart has worked with for many years. Many have become Stuart’s dear friends and we believe these deep relationships will now allow Moore Design to grow to, again, become the largest source of this tiny, modern design niche in the US.

We are fortunate indeed to continue working with these highly acclaimed (and highly independent) artists who have, again, agreed to come together under one roof; Moore Design’s. We are proud to bring that unique package into the 21st century….

Much of the designers’ work in this website is exclusive to Moore Design in the US. However, that doesn’t mean high prices. We always honour the pricing suggested by each individual designer, ensuring you pay no more at Moore Design for any of the pieces we sell (landed in the US) no matter where else in the world you could shop.

Our pricing policy, in normal circumstances, is to never be undersold.

Our quality policy is to always give maximum value at your budget, never an inferior copy of a quality piece.

The unique ingredient uniting all designers at Moore Design’ is that we are not just a retailer. Stuart Moore is also a prize winning designer*, literally ‘one of them’. His own work is sold exclusively by Moore Design by appointment and/or on this site. No other source has authentic rings designed by Stuart Moore or made by his licensed manufacturers.

Stuart’s rings are not round. They are an ergonomic shape made to fit the finger. This is much more comfortable than a round ring and seriously reduces them rolling around the finger.

For many years Stuart has focused on engagement and wedding rings (featured in this site). But, now he has found a genius colleague who creates gorgeous CADS from his sketches, he, Stuart, is focused on expanding his work into earrings, pendants, bracelets and bangles so watch for monthly additions in Stuart’s ‘jewellery’ and ‘couture’ sections.….

Completing the package, you’ll find, in the ‘Diamonds’ section of this site, videos that reveal for the first time how the existing system of grading diamonds results in the market manipulating prices of GIA certificated diamonds by up to 40%. In contrast we sell GIA certificated diamonds, over 1carat, at really great prices.

Finally, the bow on our package.

As you’ll see, if you go to the customer’s comments part of our site, which we’ve called ‘our customers’ voices..’, our clients speak of us with affection as well as respect.

Whether you shop online, in your or our offices or your home, all the team at Moore Design’ welcome you and hope you enjoy your visit.

Thank you………..