designer: ulla+martin kaufmann

Not Just Jewellery but Wearable Art….
Each exquisite piece by Ulla & Martin Kaufmann is unique in our experience in that all are made by hand, to your order, in an ancient manner called planishing.

Planishing means the sheet of gold (which normally has no “spring”) is hammered for many hours on one side which compresses the molecular structure more than the other side so the sheet has no choice but to curl. 

Ulla & Martin’s skill is to know how much to hammer to get each piece’s curl to match the aesthetic and size exactly as designed for your neck, wrist or finger.

By planishing, these pieces gain what is in our experience a unique level of spring which allows them to be worn on neck or wrist without clasps. 

For pricing and delivery time please email Stuart Moore at Stuart@moore-design.com and he'll get back to you within 24 hours