This design represents two people + a ? component, who see their joining as four elements: the couple, two individuals + the ? component. We leave you to fill in the ? (Dog?)

Both recognise the couple will become the most important ingredient while respecting each other's need to retain theier core individuality and responsibility for the ? 

Each ring is made by hand to your order in four components: the inside sleeve of platinum, touching the finger is the couple while the three outside sleeves are the two individuals + whatever is their particular ? component...

The hand work needed to fit the components together perfectly is the same as making four normal rings - so costs seriously more than a manufactured ring of the same weight. 

If you love the design but can pass on the symbolism it is available without the miniscule separations for around 35% less. 

Available in any combination of Platinum, 18K Rose, Yellow or Grey Gold you select. Polished, matte or combined. 


designer: moore design

Platinum/ 18K Grey Gold
available in many widths:
 Width Price
5mm $6.900
6mm $7.400
7mm $7.900
8mm $8.400

As shown, 7mm, $7,900

For quotes on all-platinum component rings or different widths than above please contact:

Now you’ve selected this ring you might ask how does moore design work with you to get everything right: ring size, delivery, everything ???

Easy, we meet you in our office or your home or office..

Start with an e-mail to Allow a day to hear back as Stuart lives in France but he’ll respond in person, following up with a phone call to set up an appointment with him or one of our team.

These appointments bring a truly new personal element of designing and creating one-of-a-kind 'couture' pieces, built with each client’s individual input.

Welcome to moore design...