let’s start with the very best materials...

As in cooking, if you want a top meal you’d better use only top ingredients. Stuart’s pieces bring that top level in very unusual ways.

Let’s start with stating that the Platinum and Gold Stuart uses is twice as hard with twice the tensile strength of the metals used in practically all American jewellery (maybe 98%).

You could well be sceptical about that claim and ask, “Really?” and “How can this be?”

In response we suggest that, sometimes, pictures really do say more than a thousand words; we hope you’ll enjoy this short video…

Thinking of a diamond? Watch these three videos for the indispensable and shocking truth about prices....

better craftsmanship.

To work with harder metals and make simpler designs takes the other difference which is the most difficult to find… Talented Master Goldsmiths. The work of Stuart Moore and his fellow designers on moore design’s site is of a far higher level of craftsmanship than normal. All specialise in the ancient hand-work skills of in-house master-goldsmiths with many joining Stuart in utilising the very latest technologies to bring you the very best quality pieces the market offers.

And seriously, that claim isn’t the usual hype, check us out.