this design represents two people who see their joining as three elements: two individuals + the new couple and want the ring to symbolize that joining.

both recognize the couple will become the most important ingredient but each must respect the other's need to retain their core individuality.

thus, each ring is made by hand to order in three components: the inside sleeve of platinum - touching the finger - represents the couple while the two outside sleeves, joined to the inner sleeve, (minutely separated or not by your choice) are the two individuals.

the hand work needed to fit the components together perfectly takes more time than making three rings so costs seriously more than a manufactured ring of the same weight.

if you love the design but can pass on the symbolism it is available without the minuscule separation for around 35% less. 

available in any combination of platinum, 18k rose, yellow or grey gold you select. polished, matte or combined.