how does moore design work with you ?

The human touch....
While we can all buy a DVD or plane ticket online with no need for human involvement, at this level of jewelery many clients prefer personal contact when making a purchase., includes this extra dimension through personal communication with Stuart, starting with e-mails ( and phone calls followed by an appointment in our offices, or if you prefer, your office or home. These appointments bring a truly new element of designing and creating one-of-a-kind couture pieces, built with each client’s individual input. See the new couture link in Stuart’s section of our website for constantly updated views of his new couture pieces.

Viewing the selection.
We are delighted to show you beautiful work from such talented designers. To make a purchase you may go directly go to our shopping basket or contact Stuart for more detail.


Watch this space.

Why? We launch this website with seven designers and will add more over the next year. We will then be exhibiting the work of twenty  top designers from all over the world, many of whom showed their work in Stuart's galleries.
Over those years many have become Stuart’s dear friends and we believe these deep relationships now allow moore design to grow and, once again, become the largest source of this design niche in the US.


Stuart's section of our site shows much of the work he has long been recognised for. It also launches a new bespoke elements as he now utilises several new revolutionary technologies to bring bespoke pieces to individual clients (see our Couture section) and our clients tell us they have found that being involved in every stage of the design is an exciting voyage...(See Our Customer's Voices).


Recent developments such as computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing enable Stuart to bring you unique pieces that in the past would have remained a dream due to the high risk of disappointment (and cost) of creating any bespoke piece. Now, starting with conceptual sketches at a private meeting with you, followed by CADS (which look like high grade photos of the piece) then, before ordering, a fully 3 dimensional model of the actual piece will be made (in resin) ensuring you can verify that the end result will be exquisite in every way. 

We will also happily have Stuart employ this process to build you a bespoke piece if you have an old stone you'l like mounted.


We have also been appointed as the agent to sell all of the inventory pieces from the (now closed) Stuart Moore galleries , see our sale section.

Making your piece...
In making Stuart’s pieces we use two methods, both maintaining his personal reputation for quality, utilising platinum or gold with twice the hardness of cast pieces (sadly still used to build 95% of jewellery in the market).
In contrast, moore design either cuts the piece from cold-rolled sheet metal or, using the very latest technology, 3D-printing the piece directly from platinum or gold powder. Amazing!


Our quality policy is to always give maximum value at your budget, never an inferior copy of a quality piece.

The unique ingredient.
Stuart Moore is of course, himself an award winning designer.* But he is also an experienced curator, finding the work of the best designers world-wide of fine quality modern design jewelery, in a diverse yet harmonious palette.

When you want to buy a diamond............
Completing the above package, you’ll find, in the 'Diamonds' section of this site, that we sell GIA certificated diamonds, over 1carat, at really great prices.
Our videos show how you cannot use certificates to determine value/price within 40%. Yes 40%! They are revealingly and helpfully provocative and will save you making an expensive mistake.
They’re called, 'Introduction' followed by more in-depth analysis with: 'Cut/Carat', and 'Color/Clarity'. Collectively these three videos give any sceptics support for their worries as well as solutions to ensure, by comparing Apples against Apples at an appointment with us, that you get the best value for amount spent at moore design.

These videos are a critical 15 minutes if you’re contemplating such a purchase.