Buying a diamond is very tricky....


While certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) are the best in the business, two identically GIA graded diamonds can vary in price on any one dealer’s website by, get this number, 40%.

Let us be clear; a price variation of 40% of any other product with exactly the same industry certificate’s quality description would be incomprehensible and likely illegal. Thus we have created videos to help you select the right diamond at the best price, preferably from us.

The bottom line start-point to that destination is very simple; you cannot select the combination of quality and price by comparing GIA certificates, paper or online. There is no choice but you taking the time to compare several stones side-by-side, selected to your parameters.


Selecting your diamond.

The information/price gaps we think are critical for you to understand before buying a diamond are covered in our videos, ‘Diamond Basics’, ‘Size vs Weight’, ‘Certificates’ and ‘Compare’ NATASCHA LINKS as such complex issues are often easier to understand through images. All have text versions to download. But, for those of you who’d like to read the short-form logic steps, here they are...

The base problem comes from the manner in which diamonds receive a certificate using what are still named ‘Grades’ instead of what we believe should be re-named ‘Ranges’. These ‘Ranges’ were chosen, no kidding, in 1953.
We ask why are today’s consumers stuck, 60+ years later, with info that misleads, when, in today’s world, we are certain the technology is available to split each existing ‘grade’ into, say, ten sub-grades. Hopefully you are now asking “Exactly, why is that?”

To answer let’s look at a round brilliant Cut, VS2 Clarity, G Colour, 1.00 Carat diamond...


VS2 Clarity sits between VS1 and SI1 which are about 30% different in price.
Wouldn’t you like to know where the VS2 you’re considering fits in its range; is it almost up to a VS1 or, more likely, almost down to an SI1?


G colour sits between F and H which are also about 30% different in price.
Wouldn’t you like to know where the G you’re considering fits in its range; is it almost up to an F or, more likely, almost down to an H?


Many diamonds that weigh 1.00-1.05 Carats are smaller than they should be and, if cut to proper proportions, would weigh .95 -.99. These stones have been cut deeper to take their weight over the 1.00 carat mark and that’s another 15-30% in price. These deeper cuts also lose a ton of brilliance.

Is this all true? Do The Test for yourself...

Go online to any diamond site.
Enter the diamond of your choice by Carat, Clarity and Colour.
Click to put in price order.
You’ll find a range in price around 40%, with identical gradings.
Isn’t that nuts?

If, after taking in all our information, you decide to visit one of our offices (by appointment) to compare several diamonds side by side – chosen especially for you – we’ll do our bit to ensure you not only get the most beautiful stone at a super price but have a great time doing so.

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