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Stuart Moore, Winner of "best designs of decade", London 2012. Awarded by Platinum Guild International with Commendation, "Timeless, the Eames Chair of diamond rings."

After the closure of the Stuart Moore galleries in New York, San Francisco and Newport Beach in 2016, the natural pivot to a simpler and more relevant format was an inevitability.


The original brick & mortar galleries featured the very best in contemporary jewelry, with a curated collection of pieces from 20+ designers, each revered for their minimalist aesthetic. These appeared alongside Stuart's own architecturally inspired and modern designs, which over many decades, re-defined the face of a previously conservative industry and became coveted collector pieces for the design minded and art oriented.


As the design director and curator for moore design, Stuart has embraced the shift online, as it enables him to continue
passionately designing new and custom work from his atelier in France. The site also includes several of the designers that he was proud to showcase for so many years.


Schedule a virtual consultation or meet in person (by appointment) in our offices (or yours) in New York, San Francisco, or Newport Beach.


Stuart and the moore design team are delighted to continue bringing you the finest in modern design jewelry.

how does moore design work with you ?

The human touch....

At the custom/couture level of jewelry many clients understandably prefer a personalized experience and we are pleased to offer this unique level of engagement.


The initial step begins with simply sending an email direct to Stuart at (stuart@moore-design.com), which we then follow up with an appointment in one of our offices, or if preferred, your office, or home.


These appointments bring a truly new element of design and collaboration to our one-of-a-kind couture pieces, built with the participation of each client’s individual input.


See the new couture link in Stuart’s section of our website for constantly updated views of his new couture pieces and the fascinating process behind these designs, as they transition from simple sketch, to screen rendering, to meticulous workmanship, to finished piece.



Making your piece...

We hand make Stuart’s designs utilizing platinum or gold with twice the hardness of cast pieces (still used to build 95% of jewelry in the market). workmanship video


By contrast, moore design either cuts the piece from cold-rolled sheet metal or, using the very latest technology, 3D-prints the piece directly from platinum or gold powder.


Our policy is to always give maximum value for your budget, never an inferior copy of a quality piece.



Buying a diamond...

We invite you to visit our 'Diamonds' section, where we sell GIA certificated diamonds, over 1carat, at phenomenal prices, ensuring the best possible value.


Our provocative but essential videos are a critical 15 minutes of viewing when contemplating any diamond purchase. They illustrate how you cannot use certificates to determine value/price within 40%, yes 40%, and can save you making expensive and common mistakes.



Watch this space...

While we launched the website with seven designers to start, we will be adding and exhibiting the work of more designers from across the world, many of whom previously showcased their work in Stuart's galleries and who have become dear friends over the decades.


We look forward to offering the most meticulously curated and broad selection of this design niche in the US, once again.



Stuart's section of our site shows much of the work he has long been recognized for. He is also now utilizing several new revolutionary technologies to bring bespoke pieces to individual clients (see our Couture section). Our clients tell us they have found that being involved in the design is an exciting voyage. (see Our customers' voices).


Recent developments such as computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing enable Stuart to bring you unique pieces that in the past would have remained a dream.


Starting with conceptual sketches at a private meeting with you (either in person or virtual), followed by CADS (which look like high grade photos of the piece) then, before ordering, a fully 3-dimensional model of the actual piece (in resin), you can be assured that the end result will be exquisite in every way.


We will also happily have Stuart employ this process to build you a custom piece if you have an old stone, you would like mounted.

Newport Beach

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